Eco Adventure Tour was the official tour operator for the Travel Experiences of Brazil in the Route of Emotions Project – Jericoacoara, Delta do Parnaíba and Lençóis Maranhenses in 2006. The company showed businessmen from all over Brazil how to do operations in the most efficient way a route with more than a thousand kilometers long which spans three Brazilian states, and taking into account the various natural factors that make it a more complex logistics.



The project Experiences (Vivências Brasil): Learning from the National Tourism is the result of a partnership between the Ministry of Tourism, Sebrae (Brazilian Service of Support for Micro and Small Enterprises) and Braztoa (Brazilian Association of Tourism Operators), the latter responsible for project’s execution.

The goal of the project is to improve the quality of tourism, through the experiential learning of operations and tourism strategies used in reference visited destinations. The intention is that after the travel, project participants can implement best practices learned in their localities.

The spread of acquired knowledge also occurs through the systematization of information collected, preparation of technical reports and multimedia material production for distribution to other businesses of the sector.

The example of Excellence project in tourism: learning from the best international experiences, Experiences Brazil also uses the concept of benchmarking, which is the action to identify, learn and adapt practices and processes recognized for quality and excellence in specific sectors of the economy.

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