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Arriving at the Port of Tatus, we will embark by speedboat through the majestic labyrinth of islands of the Parnaíba Delta. We will make a quick stop for photos on the dunes of Ilha Grande de Santa Izabel. We will explore the Igarapé dos Periquitos, following its narrow canal lined by several mangrove vegetation.

In this igarapé will be made the tasting of the crab, where the pilot guides in the mud of the mangrove bringing with him the famous crab-uçá, delicacy of the local cuisine.

We will cross the Igarapé of the Poldros, that divides to the islands of the Poldros and the one of the Canary Islands. In this igarapé is common the sight of animals such as monkeys, alligators, iguanas besides diverse birds (the sighting of animals depends on diverse factors conjugated)! The landing in the chain of dunes of the Feijão Bravo reveals a rare phenomenon in the world and in which the delta is prodigal. On one side we can see a river beach and on the other a beautiful ocean beach, bathed by the majestic Atlantic! The mangrove forest and the lagoons (in the flood) complete the scenery.

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