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In this tour the traveler will have the opportunity to know one of the most beautiful stretches of the Brazilian coast. The tour starts with the on-road trip to the city of Luiz Correia located 15 kms from Parnaíba. The tour continues through the busy beach of Atalaia (or Amarração) where there are innumerable restaurants, inns and hotels.

The beautiful Coqueiro Beach, with its coral reefs that show up in the small tides, is one of the favorites of the wealthiest Piauians, showing such a trend through innumerable summer houses with bold architecture. Bars and some hotels complement the scenery.

Going for a short stretch, the vehicle will soon be at Praia do Arrombado, another one with a strange name (broken into, for the natives, are channels that form in the sand of the beach due to the flow of small lagoons of salt water and rainwater located at the highest level ), where it is observed Mangue vegetation.

Maramar and Macapá wrap up the adventure, the first being graced with beautiful sand banks and the second with the mouth of the Rio Macapá that impresses with the bright and vivid color. The taste of the land can be enjoyed through delicacies served on the beach. Before taking the road back to Parnaíba, make a visit to the Alameda das Esculturas, with its picturesque works of art. On the asphalt, the landscape formed by white dunes, palm trees (carnaúbas and coconut trees), lagoons (in the flood period) and the Atlantic Ocean in the background, is one of the most beautiful in the state. The Combed tree is featured in this section.

Finally, the dunes of the Portinho Lagoon close this exciting route with a golden key. The lagoon of dark and refreshing waters is one of the main postcards of Piauí, being able to practice there numerous water sports offered at reasonable prices.

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