Sete Cidades National Park

Parque Nacional de Sete Cidades

Located 130 km from Parnaíba, the National Park of Sete Cidades is one of the most requested in Brazil, with 25 thousand visitors per year. It stands out for its picturesque formations of sandstone and for its rock inscriptions. The trip on BR 343 takes the small Piracuruca, north entrance of the Park. The specialized guide will guide the group through the Seven Stone Cities, showing their particularities and curiosities.

The journey begins in the Sixth City where the attraction is the Turtle Stone that bears this name by the similarity with the forms of the hull of this animal. The Elephant Stone is another singularity of this city.

The Second City is one of the most interesting points of the Park. Natural monuments are the stage for prehistoric man’s expression through monochrome paintings. The Stone of the American and the Six Fingers makes this manifestation clear, with its geometric and intriguing designs. Prepare 3 orders very carefully, as you pass under the Arc de Triomphe they have become reality, says the legend. Crendices aside, this beautiful formation impresses as much as the Library, with its stones reminiscent of stacked books. After a light ascent, the Park then unfolds in the eyes of the viewer who can glimpse the Stone Cities through the Panoramic View.

In the Fourth City, there are several arches (which is a constant in Seven Cities) with interesting shapes. The Archete, Map of Brazil, Map of Ceará and the Passage of the Indian are examples of this. Knowing the story of the Healer José Catirina, makes the visit to the cave where he lived a mystical experience. To this day it is possible to perceive a vestige of its presence, either in the hole found in the rock of the floor of the cave, used to prepare its medicinal portions, or in the tomb that stores the remains of his son.

The Furna do Índio is the most amazing formation of the Fifth City, along with the inscriptions found there. There you can also photograph the Camel Stone, the King’s Stone and the Guard House, all with their peculiar shapes.

With the largest number of geological monuments in the Park, strolling through the Third City is an invitation to the imagination! There are the Emperors’ Stones, Finger of God, Old Black, Kiss, Three Kings, Our Lady, Oratory, Pigeon and again the Map of Brazil, this time, States.

The last will be the first! To conclude this disturbing route, the First City will show: the Stone Forest, the Stone of the Cannons, the Olha D’água dos Milagres, the Stone of the Bule, the Map of Piauí and to close with great style, the Waterfall of Riachão (periods of filled).

The Seventh City has its forbidden visitation. It holds the wild fauna and flora of the place with seven keys so that it maintains all its exuberance, away from the gossiping eyes of the man-animal.

Known internationally, Sete Cidades has already been mentioned by the French writer Erich Von Däniken, author of the cult “Eram The Gods Astronauts ?,” and aroused wide interest in various scientific segments, attracting historians, geologists, archaeologists and even ufologists. Meet and discover why !!