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Since eighteen years in business, Eco Adventure Tour features essential elements to a company in its segment: socioenvironmental responsibility, excellence in service,competitive pricing and commitment to customers, suppliers, partners and local communities.

Pionneer in adventure tourism in Piauí, ECO ADVENTURE TOUR, was the first Brazilian agency to present at the same time tourist products for the States of Piauí, Ceará and Maranhão, a trend that nowadays is largely consolidated by national tourism trade. With the ambitious intention to present the many beautiful richnesses of this part of Brazil, we started a move that nowadays stretches out among others agencies in these three States and even among some national operators. Always searching the best ratio cost-quality, we have developped a large number of partnerships with such tourism businesses, that is consolidating our presence in the market.

To create a competent tourist structure in less developed regions is not an easy task. Our goal being to offer quality services, always innovating and creating new products that serve visitors of all levels, this is a Work of Hercules! We work in an objective way, with a tuned in team that concentrates its efforts to make more and more pleasant the itineraries in these ecological paradises. ECO ADVENTURE TOUR offers today, without any doubt, the most qualified service of excursions and transfers of the region, as well a large scale of options in hosting, that serve all tastes and pockets. Guides and conductors trained in the field and at school besides high standard vehicles, contribute in a determining way to this quality. We have not yet reached our goal, but we are more and more nearer it.

The tours are divided into Luxury, Plus, Comfort and Backpack categories, in order to reach the most varied audiences without losing the focus on excellence that is the hallmark of the company.

Having for major attractions the natural beauties, eco-tourism has to be closely tied to preserve environment. Thinking about this close relationship, Eco Adventure Tour prepares its guides and conductors to sustainable and conscious practices. This education is passed by everyone of them to the local population and to the adventurers of service themselves.

So do not wait and come to take part in the Eco Adventure Tour team of select partners.

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