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About Eco Adventure Tour

If you've heard about the Route of Emotions, you've probably also heard about the Eco Adventure Tour.

This is because the company is a pioneer in the tourist itinerary, which unites Jericoacoara, Delta do Parnaíba and Lençóis Maranhenses in the same trip.

The emergence of
Eco Adventure Tour

To understand how Eco Adventure Tour came about, it is necessary to know its touristic context. At the end of the 90’s, the regions of Lençóis Maranhenses and Delta do Parnaíba already had a strong talent for tourism, but were not developed as a product – Jericoacoara was the most advanced destination of the three in this sense.

All of them had potential and attractions, but there was not a format to develop tourism. At that time, the structuring was based on the regionalities, that is, focused on the people who lived around the regions. Thus, the natives were the ones who perceived and enjoyed the nature and beauty of the place the most.

Thus, as there was no clear vision of the potentiality of uniting the three destinations, they were visited individually. There was no tourism policy at the municipal, government, or corporate level to connect them.
It was with the objective of filling this gap that Eco Adventure Tour emerged. The company was the first to have the interest and initiative to connect these cities. To this end, it launched its first products in 1998, in partnership with Casa Inglesa, which encouraged and showed how to set up a tourist itinerary.

That same year was marked by the birth of the roadmaps and the commercialization of the first tourist products.


In 1998, few companies had websites. Despite being just beginning, Eco Adventure already had a structure and a mission.

Thus, while most companies did not even have a website, Eco Adventure already offered tour packages on its website. However, the promotion was not the only concern, because it was also necessary to offer a quality structure for customers.

Transportation was one of the initial difficulties due to the uneven terrain. It was necessary to connect the three destinations, even without an adequate structure for this. At the time there were still no cars with 4×4 traction available, and few boats navigated the Delta. For this reason, it was necessary to make an initial investment of only R$ 3.5 thousand and buy an imported car to carry out the transport. The vehicle was one of the first of its kind during the Collor period.

The union of the company with Casa Inglesa, responsible for the Caju Island, one of the largest in the Parnaíba Delta, and with the local hotel industry was fundamental for the creation of the Jeri-Delta-Lençóis product, which seven years later came to be called the Route of Emotions. The sale of the itinerary through the internet had a great demand, making clear the demand for this tourist option.

However, the company’s great differential was its passion for the beauties of the region. The promotion of these destinations was only the consequence of a natural and affective involvement with the places.

The trailblazers traveled the roads, enchanted, so that the desire to take visitors to the region grew, always valuing the quality of service and respect for nature.

The emergence of the
Route of Emotions

The product that used to be called Delta-Jeri-Lençóis got a new look in 2005 and received the name Rota das Emoções (Route of Emotions). The nomenclature was born through a dynamic, Sebrae project, carried out by several entrepreneurs.

After the launch, there was a meteoric growth in the number of sales, because there was practically no competition. Besides the natural attractions, the marketing of packages on the internet and the association of partners who offered the product were the main reasons for the tourist route to be known on a national and even international scale.


At this point, you must be asking yourself: “But how does the Route of Emotions actually work? It is a tourist route that includes three northeastern Brazilian states – Ceará, Piauí and Maranhão. The main attractions are, respectively, Jericoacoara, Delta do Parnaíba, and Lençóis Maranhenses.

All of them offer leisure and adventure options, with breathtaking landscapes, framed by sea, clear sand, dunes, and vegetation. Besides, they have very rich cultures, impressive gastronomy and receptivity.

The name Route of Emotions was not chosen by chance, because besides the cinematographic visuals, the visitors have the possibility to practice adventure sports, such as surf, kitesurf and windsurf, besides having a lot of adrenaline in the off road rides, made on the road in luxury vehicles, with 4×4 traction, buggy or gardener, sailing aboard a boat, motorboat, raft or in a wilder climate: on horseback! Thus, it is the adventurous spirit of the tourist that guides the itinerary of the trip.

To have an idea, the success of the Route of Emotions was so significant for the region that in 2009 it was elected by the Ministry of Tourism as the best tourist route in the country. And the growth does not stop there! The project seeks to become a reference in sustainable destination and in the integration between the work of the communities, valuing nature, adventure and sports.


With the institutionalization, there was an impulse in the area of promotion and dissemination of the Route of Emotions. The articulation between Eco Adventure Tour, the governments and the municipalities was preponderant for this growth. Besides the improvement of the product and its respective packages, the Route of Emotions is also very positive for the 14 municipalities involved, since it constantly promotes the destinations.

When talking about the Route of Emotions, Eco Adventure is hardly not mentioned, both for the unprecedented products that were launched and for the reference of quality. It is a company and a tourist service that emerged simultaneously and complementarily. The result is the satisfaction of tourists and the exaltation of the Brazilian territory nationally and internationally.


To provide services with excellence in various tourist segments and categories, daily seeking innovation, differentiation, and commitment to customers, suppliers, and communities, practicing fair prices, without degrading the environment, and promoting social inclusion.


To remain the market leader as an incoming tour operator at the Route of Emotions, expanding and diversifying the company's scope of action. Provide services that fully meet the expectations of travelers, making their trips relevant as cultural and ecological experience, getting recognition from the society, as well as from professionals and other tourism companies, without ever losing focus on sustainability. Always focusing on making the company one of the best work environments in Piauí.


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