General Conditions


The act of registration for participation in any of the programs promoted by Eco Adventure Tour Ltda., Receptive operator established in Av Pres. Vargas, 26 PHB-PI-BR enrolled in Embratur under no. PI-10-04.331.188/0001-01, hereinafter simply called Eco Adventure Tour, automatically implies the participant’s adherence to these TERMS, which are governed by articles 1070 to 1091 of the Civil Code combined with Articles 6. and 7. of Law 8078/90 and other provisions of Brazilian law applicable to the species.

OF LIABILITY. Eco Adventure Tour is fully responsible for ensuring the services listed with specific qualifications in these GENERAL CONDITIONS. However, are not the responsibility of Eco Adventure Tour, unforeseen unpleasant  caused by strikes, weather conditions, delays caused by the client or agency / operator saleswoman, and eventually, those concerning our own characteristic of ecological trips such as bumps, spills, car getting stuck and technical breaks.

CATEGORIES OF TOURS. There are basically two categories of itineraries offered by Eco Adventure Tour. a) Private Rooms Tours: all tours and transfers, except those mentioned as regular, are unique to the group that hired them not being allowed the inclusion of extra people. b) Promotional Tours: all tours and transfers will be carried out in a group, Eco Adventure Tour being entitled to the inclusion of extra people at any time of travel regardless of the ride and shuttle run. Eco Adventure Tour guarantees the safety of its passengers never exceeding the capacity of each vehicle type approved by the competent bodies.

OF HOSTING MEANS. Passengers declare here be aware that some lodging facilities offered in our itineraries are characterized by the rusticity and proximity to natural environments, thus providing a unique experience to the traveler, but that may eventually generate some discomforts as the presence of insects and frogs in dependencies.

MODIFICATION OF ITINERARY. Eco Adventure Tour reserves the right, in the interest of passengers or for good reasons or force majeure – factors beyond our will – to promote necessary changes in itineraries, services and lodging facilities, replacing them with others of equal rank. The abrupt change suggested by the passenger during the itinerary previously accepted and combined will be subject of relevance evaluation regarding its safety, adequacy and availability of program schedule. All extra costs arising therefrom shall be borne entirely by the passenger.

IMPORTANT. Simply sign up to participate in or resell our tourist programs implies that nothing should be understood as included or imagined, if not specifically described in the itineraries. Promises of facilities and / or benefits will only be valid with written  confirmation by Eco Adventure Tour.

PERSONAL DOCUMENTS. All passengers should wear on his personal documents, including therein, those delivered by Eco Adventure Tour, such as vouchers, receipts and cards safe trip (when granted).

BAGGAGE. Eco Adventure Tour expressly disclaims all liability in case of loss, damage or theft of luggage that can happen for any causes. We therefore recommend that passengers always witness a manipulation of loading and unloading of luggage. The baggage allowance is 10kg per person for groups of four (4) or more persons; 15kg per person for groups of 3 (three) persons; 20kg per person for groups of two (2) persons in non-rigid bags. Should there be any additional cost arising from the excess baggage, cost shall be borne entirely by the passenger.

OF BOOKING. Booking of  services offered by Eco Adventure Tour will be requested by customers directly via email, fax and,  letter or through another agency / tour operator. The booking will be made ​​with the payment of 100% of the itinerary purchased via bank deposit or Credit Card, as warranty for the performance of services. Other forms of payment and installments are subject to negotiation prior written consent.

CANCELLATION. At any time the client or agency / dealership operator may cancel the services requested and contracted entitled to the deposit previously paid under the following conditions:
a) For cancellations less than 30 days, retaining 10% of the total value of the trip;
b) For cancellations less than 15 days, retaining 30% of
value of the trip;
c) For cancellations less than 7 days, retaining 50% of the trip cost;
d) For cancellation less than 48 hours (no show), failing or withdrawal of all or part of the services initiated by the passenger will not be entitled to any refund.

OF COMPLAINTS. Complaints should be made by writing through our fax (55) 86-3323 9888, e-mail [email protected], letter to our address above or informed by agency / operator where our itinerary was eventually acquired in no later than thirty (30) days of the end of the trip so that we can offer the best solution to the case.

REGISTRATION DATA. Direct clients and agencies / operators dealerships undertake to provide the personal data of all passengers, who will remain under custody of Eco Adventure Tour for unique internal control and registration.

OF MEMBERSHIP. When requesting enrollment in any program organized by Eco Adventure Travel Tour, the client and / or agency / carrier dealership hereby acknowledges and agrees to all present Terms.