Route of Emotions

What is the Route of Emotions?

The Route of Emotions is one of the best tourist routes in Brazil. Named with this name in 2005, it encompasses the visit of destinations in three states: Maranhão, Piauí, and Ceará.

The route that is full of breathtaking landscapes, adventures, and excitement reaches 500 km. On average, it is estimated that over 70 thousand people visit the Route of Emotions every year.

The destination is the right one to get to know the famous crystalline water lagoons and the clear sand dunes, to be immersed in nature and experience many adventures, besides being immersed in the northeastern culture.

As the name says: get ready for a lot of emotion!

Lençóis Maranhenses

Lençóis Maranhenses is one of the main points of the Route of Emotions and it’s not for nothing. The desert landscape is breathtaking, with dunes that resemble bed sheets and lagoons formed by rainwater.

The best time to visit the region is from April to September, because that is when the lagoons are full. During the rest of the year it is the dry season, and only the dunes can be found.

Get to know the three main bases: Barreirinhas, Santo Amaro, and Atins, all in Maranhão.

Parnaíba’s Delta

Another essential destination is the Parnaíba Delta in Piauí. Of unparalleled beauty, in this ecological paradise, we find mangroves, lagoons, dunes, and a vast variety of fauna and flora.

The name Delta comes from the fact that the mouth of the Parnaíba River opens into five arms, involving 73 fluvial islands that form a kind of triangle (delta in Greek represents a triangle).


The sun and the beaches of Fortaleza are the main attractions of the city. With great tour options, in our site you can find unmissable packages of the Route of Emotions that go to the city.

Including, it is 300 km away from our next destination on the Route. Who wants an adventure on wheels must do the route from Fortaleza to Jericoacoara.


Jericoacoara belongs to the state of Ceará and is one of the most famous destinations in Brazil. Take advantage of the Lençóis landscape to do land and water activities and rides, and enjoy the culture and gastronomy of the Northeast.

The most beautiful beaches in the world are in Jeri!

Barra Grande

Paradise Lost”, that’s how Barra Grande is called, located on the border of Piauí and Ceará. Those who practice kitesurfing will love to know the region that is full of sportsmen and adventurers.

The beautiful beaches speak for themselves, and in our site you can find routes of the Rota that include this Brazilian jewel.


This small village of almost deserted beaches is located between Jericoacoara and Fortaleza and is also part of our Route of Emotions. Get to know this exclusive location together with us.

The cool thing about the Route of Emotions is that it meets all profiles. Those who want to be quiet go to one region, those who like adventure and sports go to another. Versatile, exuberant, and part of our Brazilian paradise!

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