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Barra Grande – (6 days and 5 nights)

Located in the small and unknown coastline of Piauí, the beach is one of those natural treasures discovered by Europeans in the always surprising Brazil. A rare gem … with their beautiful bungalows lodgings at the seashore. Young and beautiful people from various part of the world, circulating … mostly practitioners of kite surfing.

Located a few kilometers from the famous and trendy Jericoacoara Beach and the majestic Delta of Parnaíba, Barra Grande Beach is attracting a funky group of celebrities as weel as athletes and adventurers.

*Accommodation with breakfast in the chosen category.

1 night in São Luís, 1 night in Barreirinhas, 1 night in Atins, 1 night in Parnaiba and 2 nights in  Jericoacoara 

*All terrestrial services, boating and tours mentioned in itinerary: 

Between destinations: Transfers São Luís/Barreirinhas (regular), Barreirinhas/Caburé/Atins (regular), Atins/Caburé, Caburé /Parnaíba (private), Parnaíba/Jericoacoara (private), Jericoacoara/Fortaleza (private, excepted in the option by bus)

São Luís: Arrival and Departure Transfer (regular).

Barreirinhas: 4×4 rides to the Azul and dos Peixes Lagoons (regular), speedboat ride on the River Preguiças with a visit to Vassouras, Mandacaru lighthouse and Caburé (regular).

Parnaíba: Speedboat ride on Delta of Parnaíba – Feijão Bravo Bay (private).

Jericoacoara: off-road tours by Paraíso and Coração lagoons, Pedra Furada, Lagoa de Tatajuba (Lagoa da Torta) and Funil dune (private).

Only for option Jericoacoara-Fortaleza by beaches: Tour / shuttle by 4×4 by the beaches of Ceará such as Preá, Icaraí da Amontada, Apiques, Caetano, Baleia, Mundaú, Trairi, Lagoinha, Cumbuco and Icaraí, among others may change in order and itinerary according to natural conditions (private).

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Book by phone:
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All accommodations with breakfast:

5 nights at Barra Grande.


Book by phone:
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All terrestrial services, nautical and tours mentioned:

Between destinations: Transfers Parnaíba/Barra Grande/Parnaíba.

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