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Lençóis Maranhenses, Delta do Parnaíba, Barra Grande and Jericoacoara – 9 days and 8 nights




* All accommodation with breakfast in the chosen category:

(1 night in São Luís, 2 nights in Barreirinhas, 1 night in Parnaíba, 2 nights in Barra Grande and 2 nights in Jericoacoara).

– Transfer in São Luís (shared), São Luís/Barreirinhas (shared), Barreirinhas/Parnaíba
(private), Parnaíba/Barra Grande (private), Barra Grande/Jericoacoara (private), Jericoacoara/Fortaleza

– Barreirinhas: 4×4 tour of the best lagoons of the season (shared), Speedboat tour of the
Preguiças River, with a visit to Vassouras, Mandacaru lighthouse and Caburé (shared).
– Parnaíba: Experience tour of the Parnaíba Delta – Revoada dos Guarás (shared), panoramic
to the beaches of eastern Piauí and the combed tree (private).
– Barra Grande: canoe and carriage ride to observe seahorses (shared).
– Jericoacoara: off-road tours of Lagoa do Paraíso (private)
Only in the Jericoacoara/Fortaleza beaches option – 4×4 tour of the beaches of Ceará:
Preá, Icaraí da Amontada, Apiques, Caetano, Baleia, Mundaú, Trairi, Lagoinha, Cumbuco, among others
(private). There may be changes to the places visited during this route due to natural factors.

*Consult other transfer options with one of our consultants!

Day by Day

  • DAY 1 – São Luís
    Destination: São Luís
    Disembark in São Luís and transfer to your accommodation.
  • DAY 2 – São Luís / Barreirinhas
    Destination: Barreirinhas
    After breakfast, we will board the minibus/van bound for Barreirinhas in the Lençóis Maranhenses, a 4-hour trip (optional: overflight in the Lençóis Maranhenses). After check-in and lunch (not included), we’ll take a tour of the imposing Lençóis Maranhenses National Park. On board the 4×4 (dinghy) we’ll cross the Rio Preguiças by ferry and take the sandy trails for about 40 minutes to the park entrance. We’ll visit the best lagoons of the season and their incredibly clear waters, an irresistible invitation to take a dip. Before returning to the lodge, we will experience the sunset at Lençóis Maranhenses, one of the most remarkable experiences that nature can give us.
  • DAY 3 – Barreirinhas
    Destination: Barreirinhas
    After breakfast, we will be taken to the port where we will board speedboats down the Preguiças River to Caburé Beach. Along the way, coconut palms and mangroves are home to birds, reptiles and mammals. The first stop will be the village of Vassouras, one of the many points where the dunes of the Pequenos Lençóis meet the Rio Preguiças. Monkeys and parrots delight the tourists who stop to refresh themselves with cold drinks served in the shade of the tents. Next, we’ll take the speedboat to the Mandacaru lighthouse, in the village of the same name, which from the top of its eight floors will reveal the exuberance of the place in 360 degrees. We’ll continue on to the village of Caburé and its rustic inns and restaurants, where we’ll have lunch (not included). After lunch we will return to Barreirinhas. Overnight in Barreirinhas.
  • DAY 4 – Barreirinhas / Parnaíba
    Destination: Parnaíba
    After breakfast, we’ll take the road to Parnaíba, crossing the border between Piauí and Maranhão, where the Jandira Bridge over the Parnaíba River is located. It’s 640m long and well worth taking some pictures of! In the afternoon, transfer to Porto dos Tatus where we will take a speedboat through the majestic maze of islands in the Parnaíba Delta towards Caju Bay and Guarás Island. During the tour you can stop at Morro do Meio for a quick walk through the gigantic dunes of Caju Bay and a dip in the waters of the Parnaíba River. The beautiful guará bird with its bright red plumage can be seen in its hundreds as it lands at sunset in a rare and unforgettable spectacle (the sighting of animals depends on several natural factors combined). We’ll return to Porto de Tatus, where we’ll take a fifteen-minute transfer to the hotel. Overnight in Parnaíba.
  • DAY 5 – Parnaíba / Barra Grande
    Destination: Barra Grande
    Breakfast and free time. At this time it is possible to take a quad bike ride to get to know the Lençóis Piauienses, which stretch from the Portinho Lagoon to the Coqueiro Dunes (optional service NOT INCLUDED). After checking out of the hotel and packing your bags,
    we’ll go on a road tour to visit the beaches on the east coast of Piauí and the famous combed tree. After 35 paved kilometers,
    we will arrive at the charming Barra Grande, a beach with clear waters and a paradise for kitesurfers from all over the world, who come in search of the trade winds that blow there. We’ll settle into the charming inns of Barra Grande.
  • DAY 6 – Barra Grande
    Destination: Barra Grande
    On this day we’ll experience a little of the local way of life with a delightful canoe and horse-drawn carriage ride to watch the seahorses in the Rio Grande estuary.
    seahorses in the Cardoso River estuary. The tide table will determine the times of each tour. In the evening, enjoy the typical bars and restaurants of the region.
  • DAY 7 – Barra Grande / Jericoacoara
    Destination: Jericoacoara
    After breakfast, we’ll set off towards Jericoacoara along approximately 130 km of tarmac until we reach the ferry at the mouth of the Coreaú River in Camocim and then cross over to the white dunes and carnauba trees of Ilha do Amor. The 4×4 will continue along the seafront to Tatajuba beach. In Lago Grande, we’ll delight in the fishnets in the water. You can also try the curious “live menu” at Didi’s restaurant. The second ferry crossing will take place at Guriú Beach, with its green water channel and cemetery of mangrove trees (the points visited on this route are subject to natural conditions and tidal variations, and may change as previously informed by our team).
    We’ll continue along the seafront to Jericoacoara in time to enjoy the sunset on the famous dune of the same name, a daily ritual for locals and visitors. The overnight stay in Jericoacoara will give us the chance to enjoy the town’s nightlife, its restaurants, stores and bars.
  • DAY 8 – Jericoacoara
    Destination: Jericoacoara
    After breakfast, we’ll take an off-road tour to Lagoa do Paraíso. The vibrant color of the place is reminiscent of Caribbean paradises: fine, extremely white sand blends in with the green of the undergrowth and coconut trees, which in turn frame the turquoise blue of the crystal-clear water. Then we visit the famous Buraco Azul, perfect for swimming and beautiful photos.
    Overnight in Jericoacoara.
  • DAY 9 – Jericoacoara / Fortaleza
    Destination: Fortaleza
    On this day, travelers choose between two ways of getting to Fortaleza: by road or along the beaches in a 4×4. The road option takes us approximately 370 km to the capital. For the beach option, we’ll set off in 4x4s along coastal trails to Praia do Preá, from where we’ll reach the paved road approximately 14 km later on secondary roads. We will pass through several small towns such as Acaraú and Itarema until we reach the sands of the beaches of Icaraí da Amontada, Apiques, Caetano, Baleia, Mundaú, where we will cross the ferry that will take us to Guajiru beach. We’ll continue our seaside adventure by visiting the Trairi bar, which we’ll cross by ferry, and the beautiful Lagoinha beach, a postcard from Ceará. Afterwards, we’ll take the asphalt road to the beaches of Cumbuco and Icaraí, in the metropolitan area of Fortaleza.
    metropolitan area of Fortaleza. Transfer to the airport. Throughout this coastal stretch, the blue sea, dunes and coconut palms will guide us through small fishing villages interspersed with sophisticated beaches and their luxurious buildings, in an exciting landscape that is typical of the Ceará coast. This day’s route and stops for photos, swimming and lunch may change depending on the tide table.
    All Eco Adventure Tour itineraries are customizable. Delete, replace or add hotels, tours and transfers according to your needs.
    All Eco Adventure Tour itineraries are customizable. Delete, replace or add hotels, tours and transfers according to your needs.


Lençóis Maranhenses, Delta do Parnaíba, Barra Grande and Jericoacoara – 9 days and 8 nights

An impressive off-road trip through one of the most unique regions on the globe, the Rota das Emoções – Jeri, Delta and Lençóis. Fantastic landscapes such as the Brazilian “desert”, full of crystal-clear lagoons, the only open sea delta in the Americas and one of the most beautiful beaches in the world will be visited on this itinerary, which integrates ecotourism, adventure, sun & beach, culture and gastronomy.
Three Brazilian states will be covered in modern 4×4 vehicles and speedboats, with numerous OPTIONAL activities such as hiking, horseback riding, panoramic flights, surfing, kite and wind surfing, bird watching, wildlife and experiences with local communities.


  • All accommodation with breakfast in the chosen category.
  • All land and nautical services and tours.
  • Travel insurance and Eco Adventure Tour backpack.
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